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Chasing My Dreams to make them true.

We have interest over wide areas such as Drugs Discovery, Cheminformatics, Bioinformatics, Finance, Education, Science, Political System, Humanity, Software, Electronics etc. Any ideas expressed/articles written over this website are my own views, understanding, experience and by no means to be linked with my organisation. We have maintained this website to share our knowledge and understanding over various topics, which may help others in one way or another to achieve their goals. We are firm believer that sharing knowledge is the only way to achieve harmony between various individuals/nations.

You can contact us at contact@lifemyths.in to discuss and share your thoughts on any article published or any other topic relevant over this website. If you are specifically interested in Finance, Stock Market, Investment etc. you can visit our website at www.raretower.com.

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Greetings of the day.

You may ask me any question on which you want me to write a blog post on contact@lifemyths.in. Kindly note that we shall be reading email only once in a week, mostly around the weekend. If you have a contradictory view on our published post, you are most welcome to put a comment on that post and we can have a healthy discussion over the topic. Now, it’s time for us to explain a little bit about ourselves, our expertise and areas on which we can write blogs (As it is very difficult to master everything under the sun). Most of our blog posts will be related to the following areas.

  • 1.) Bioinformatics
  • 2.) Cheminformatics
  • 3.) Drug Discovery
  • 4.) Finance
  • 5.) Education
  • 6.) Healthcare
  • 7.) Politics
  • 8.) Mobiles.
  • 9.) Laptops and Computers.
  • 10.) Camera (Digital, DSLR, hybrid).
  • 11.) Electronic Items.
  • 12.) Software.
  • 13.) All Gadgets used in our day-today life.
  • 14.) Scientific Technology.
  • 15.) Health Products.
  • 16.) Medical and Pharmaceutical Products etc.

You are requested to ask any query related to these areas (you may ask other queries also, as we will try our best to search subject experts from that domain, but cannot guarantee that the blog will be published.). As every blog posted on this website will undergo a rigorous quality check related to its correctness, scientific facts, relevance to the question asked etc. All the blog posts will have further reference sections on the bottom of the post (wherever applicable). It’s for those people who want to understand those concepts in full detail. Generally speaking, we would say that those links will be useful for those people who has that subject domain knowledge. General public might not be able to understand those scientific references.

For any question, feel free to contact us at contact@lifemyths.in.

Wish you a happy reading.

Knowledge enlightens the path of true existence. —- LifeMyths.